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"Sam Worley's massage finally loosened my overly tense neck and shoulders. I felt great afterwards and even weeks later! Bless you, Sam."                                                   

Lisa Michaels, Author and Founder of The Natural Rhythms Institute


"Massage Harmony is not only conveniently located but also offers the best massages in the city at the most reasonable prices you will find. I've been going to Sam for massages for almost 5 years now and will not go to anyone else! He takes the time to speak with his clients before the massage begins to assess their needs and tailors each massage using the information he takes away from that consultation. My stress levels are much lower after each visit and I feel like a new person when I leave.  You will spend less at Massage Harmony and receive a much better massage and overall experience than any spa I've been to in Atlanta, be it a boutique spa in Buckhead or a luxury hotel."

Liz Levy, Professional Health Educator at Center for Disease Control

"Sam is a true professional who cares deeply about his work.  Our entire family has been treated by him. He is able to treat specific problems, as well as give an overall sense of well being. After his massages we always feel as if all other masseuses  before were mediocre - massage has been a regular part of lives for decades, so when we found Sam we were very very happy! I have recommended him to other regular massage lovers (from Los Angeles) who agree with us."

Elaine Hoffman, LMFC Marriage and Family Counselor


"I can't stop raving about my experience here. I first went because I wanted help with some neck and shoulder pain. My experience was so good that I have already been back once. I have headaches almost daily and migraines at least once a month. I can't even think of a time in my adult life when I have gone more than a week without a headache. Sam customized the massage to deal with headaches, and I was pleasantly surprised to go for two months without a headache. After I started to have headaches again, I made another appointment. My appointment was only yesterday, but I haven't had a headache today and my neck is just so much less tense! I highly recommend Massage Harmony (especially if you suffer from frequent headaches)!"

Hannah Carswell, Atlanta, GA

" I have been so pleased with Sam's massages and since becoming a regular client (monthly for the last year), I have had no back issues. Each time I go, he addresses the areas of my body that need work in a very professional, knowledgeable way. I always leave very relaxed and feeling healthy. It has become a "must have" in my budget for my health and well-being."

L.S.  Decatur, GA
"Sam is "the best" and really knows his stuff. I have been a client now for about a year, and can honestly say that Sam's experience and professionalism play a big part of being a professional massage therapist. Always satisfied and feel so much better after a treatment. Highly recommend!"
Mitch M.   YMCA Director, Decatur, GA  

"Sam is the best massage therapist I have ever visited!  I was recommended by a friend about 6 months ago and have tried to go regularly since.  He books up fast so I try to book in advance!  He asks at every appointment what areas need the most attention and custom tailors the massage for you!  You never feel rushed as he doesn't book people back to back.  He is also extremely affordable!

Maggie C.  Decatur, GA


"I've been going to Massage Harmony since it opened and have nothing but good things to say. Sam listens to his clients and their needs prior to the start of the session to really maximize the impact he has. His hands are magical and you'll be hooked after your first session. Once you go, you'll want to get back on his schedule ASAP. In fact, I book several months out to ensure that I can get in on a regular basis!

Liz K.    Atlanta, GA


" I am now a regular client at Massage Harmony. Sam tailors his massage to each client individually and responds to the needs of the client in a very professional and relaxing way. He perfectly treats my problem areas with hot stones, hot towels in combination with aromatherapy and afterwards you will feel newborn. Now, being 5 months pregnant, he adapted his massage technique to my needs. His practice is conveniently located and has plenty of parking spots available. I can highly recommend Massage Harmony to everybody who searches for his special experienced massage therapist."
Nancy A.    Clarkston, GA

"I'm a massage addict & am always on the look-out for a good/great experience. Massage Harmony really hits the spot! It's not a boutiquey spa, so no frills or sales-pitch...just a great, relaxing massage. Aromatherapy, hot rocks, hot towels, deep tissue, pressure points...Sam does it all! No two sessions are ever alike, not a bland routine work-through. Each session really focuses on what your body, mind & soul really needs at that moment. The best session I've EVER had Sam- did an amazing pressure point release in my neck. I had never felt so amazingly was like coming home to my own self in the most wonderful way! Hands down, my "BEST" favorite!"

Catherine B.   Tucker, GA


"My friend gave me a gift certificate for my birthday to see Sam at Massage Harmony for an hour long massage- she said it was one of the best massages she had experienced.  I have now been seeing him on a regular basis for nearly a year!  Sam tailors each massage and includes use of hot stones, aromatherapy, and hot towels, and his price is extremely reasonable.  I always sleep really well the night after a massage!"

Emma K.     Decatur, GA










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